With the tsunami of data available to businesses these days, companies are turning to analytics solutions to extract meaning from the huge volumes of data to help improve decision making. The integration of data and predictive analytics systems capable of deciphering streams of information regarding equipment deficiencies long before they turn into failures, could promise a decline in workplace injuries and illnesses.


According to a World Economic Forum (WEF) report released at Davos last year, the world has entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is characterized by the growing significance of digital technology as a driving force for economic growth.  This rapid change and busy environment in business and organizations also means workers will constantly be interacting and processing multiple streams of information which improves their ability to learn.


The preparation of this change requires an approach that promotes a culture of life-long learning which benefits the next generation of the global workforce. This year’s conference will address these challenges as well as improving the safety and health of workers by early detection of exposures to risk, development of preventive measures and implementation of OSH systems and policies in the new digital era.

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